Who is Juan “Social Media Juander” De Cruz, Jr.?  Well you’ll get different answers depending on who you ask, but if you were to ask me…….I’d say that I am an experienced Digital Marketing professional who has found his passion in the world of Digital Media using marketing tools such as Social Media, SEO, SEM, Display, Google Analytics and Email Marketing!  I have always been interested in being able to articulate my point of view to others in a way that seemed easy to comprehend.  Digital Media allows a worldwide forum for thoughts, ideas and passions to be spread to many people with a simple click of an update button.

While others shirked from the sheer mention of a term paper, I always welcomed the challenge.  Writing was never a chore for me, it was my therapy.  I have kept a journal since my early 20’s…..and enjoy looking back at my journal entries and perform a  psychoanalysis on myself.

I found that just as a journal can help you gain insight into an individual, a successful Social Media Marketing campaign can help you gain insight into a company, entrepreneur, product or movement.  I used my passion for Social Media to brand myself as a Social Media Marketing Expert.  I quickly obtained a few contracts and writing gigs……When you have true thought-provoking content, people pause.  The reason why I enjoy Social Media Marketing so much is because unlike online lead generation… form a bond with your audience.  Social Media has become more about the numbers.  The whole Digital Marketing landscape has changed with “Real-time Consumer Behavior Driven Marketing“. Having the analytics to  help decison making as to which offer is  more relevant to the consumer at that time is the next phase in Digital Marketing. Hence my transiotion deeper in Digital Marketing with SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Email Marketing.  To be successful you need to incorporate the entire marketing mix and track results to not only improve campaign performance, but offer relevancy and conversion rates. This can be done by offering relevant content and offers to qualified leads. 

My blog is simply my therapy….my way of hashing through the crazy thoughts in my head.  I’ll take you on a journey of my thoughts of the day-to-day effect of Digital Media on society, give a few tips and also my opinions.  I even throw in a few personal blogs about my life.  All I ask is you buckle up as we Juander!

Juan De Cruz, Jr.


1 thought on “Bio”

  1. I like the whole “Juander” thing. I think I’m ready to talk about the connections you mention. Nice intro to who you are.


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