SMJ Digital Consulting offers a wide range of services. With over 7 years of experience in the Digital Marketing field, we can handle all of your Digital Marketing needs, from Paid Search, Google Analytics, Web-design and Social Media Marketing.

Google First Page Ranking

Small business owners have enough to mark off of their checklist when starting out.  Once you have devised your business plan, the  next thing is to create your online presence.  You either pay a web designer or  embark upon building your own site by using one of the many drag and drop web design platforms.… Continue reading Google First Page Ranking

Google Analytics Consulting

You’ve launched your new website, added paid search and started to create content or products, so what’s next? How do you know what content attracts site visitors and what optimizations can be made to boost online conversions. You can either hire a consulting firm to project who your target demographic is, or you can use… Continue reading Google Analytics Consulting

Email Marketing Consulting

Email Marketing remains the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way to jump start your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Most small business owners feel that a mass email to their entire distribution list will net them the return on investment they are seeking. Without segmenting, list hygiene and targeting, you can burn through your list and… Continue reading Email Marketing Consulting

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