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Testing 1,2,3 The Tiffany Taylor Cd Review

When I was asked to do a CD review for Tiffany Taylor, I first delved into her bio listed on her website  When I review music, the one thing I want to do is connect with the artist, to see what they are about and how their personality flows through their music.  Tiffany’s bio states that she’s on her alternative flow and that shows not only in the songs on her CD but also in the wide range of musical influences which range from Whitney Houston to Karen Clark Sheard.  Testing:1, 2, 3 is described as a love affair gone wrong…..that initial anticipation of something new and then the eventual realization that it may not pan out.

The Artist.....Tiffany Taylor!
The Artist…..Tiffany Taylor!


I received Testing 1,2,3 from Tiffany’s manager prior  to returning to the DC area from a short trip to Charlotte, NC.  While I am not a singer or musician and couldn’t explain syncopation or read a sheet of music, music is an integral part of my life.  To me the great test of a CD is if it can stay in rotation in your car during your daily commute. And there is no greater test than if music can survive a road trip.  As I set out on my trip up 85 north I popped in Testing:1,2,3 and noticed the wide vocal and genre range of Tiffany as early as Track 3 “Comin’ Home”.  “Comin’ Home” as Tiffany states is her…..”alternative flow”.  Another alternative head nodder is Track 8 “Get It Together”, I found myself nodding to the track uncontrollably.   I loved the energy of the track and the harmony.  Trust me, you’ll grab your Rock n Roll air guitar too!

The love story theme is heard in tracks 4 through 6.  My favorite track on the CD is “Freelude” which unfortunately is just an interlude.  This track and “I’ll Never 4get” are the tw0 most powerful tracks in my opinion.  While Tiffany does possess the skill to master the alternative songs, it seems as if her strength lies in the slower ballads.  Testing;1,2, 3 has something for everyone, from alternative, ballads and even the upbeat party track Tore It Down”.  Just like in love, there are many faces and forms, this is the same for Tiffany’s musical repertoire.  You can’t just peg her to one style!  Be sure to get Testing:1,2,3!


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