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God will not be mocked…..even on Social Media!

It has been a while since my last post…..but trust me I have had numerous things to say! Well myself and a whole host of others have been having a verbal and written love affair with the ex-Gator Tim Tebow.  Although my Silver and Black Raider heart hates to say it……it is actually an interesting story.  A few weeks ago I read an article by Jemele Hill, Lions Disrespected Tim Tebow’s faith.  I dismissed the article as over sensitive and senseless……but if you really look at it, maybe Jamele Hill had a point.

Tim Tebow swept into your living room with no throwing ability or skill and yet he has managed to win 6 straight games! The main thing a quarterback needs to do is throw, and that’s the one thing that Tebow can not do.  The Tebow era started off with a surprise come from behind victory at Miami, where he struck the infamous Tebow (prayer) pose after the victory.  A few individuals took a picture of themselves doing the pose and posted it, and so the internet/social media Tebow splash began.  Even stars such as Dwight Howard were pictured posing doing the Tebow.

Enter the Detroit Lions, they sacked, tackled and intercepted Tebow so much he should have taken a knee and prayed for deliverance! After sacking Tebow, a Detroit linebacker struck the infamous prayerful pose, mocking Tebow.  I didn’t take offense to the action…..but others did.  They stated the Lions actions were classless…… distasteful.  When you analyze the mocking a little deeper, in essence they were saying that no matter what amount of prayer or Christianity it can’t effect the outcome of a football game,  I mean, doesn’t God have more to do than  make sure Tebow wins, I mean hey…..let’s just look at all of the world disasters and issues going on.

Tebow kept his wits about him, didn’t back down on his faith or beliefs, and somehow, through it all, he has engineered 6 straight wins.  Almost like the Red Sea parting, water being turned to wine or walking on water, Tebow has inexplicably managed to beat NFL teams without the use of his arm…..the ONE thing a QB should be able to do.  Is this a miracle, does God actually care enough about football to choose sides, or is it that he will not be mocked?

I was in a restaurant last week and overheard a group of guys talking about the Tebow phenomenon…..I butted into the conversation and we all said the same thing… do you win a game going 2-8 throwing?  How do you engineer a 95 yard game winning drive (against my Raiders) without throwing the ball?  We all came to the same conclusion, some defensive coordinator will engineer a defense that will expose Tebow, but sure enough……he won again Sunday!

How can you explain this?  Unless as one of the gentlemen I spoke to last week told me……”maybe this God thing is real!” Since the Lions mocking incident, Denver has not lost a game, and the once hot Lions have lost numerous games, had issues with their coach, their number 1 pick….and are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs. So who’s mocking who now……”maybe this God thing IS real!”


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